by katiering

With new social media sites popping up all the time why join each johnny-come-lately community, right? I love my Facebook & Twitter but I agree — enough is enough. I tend to wait until the site has popped up on my screen several times before I take the plunge. So, when someone tweeted that they had pinned a photo I didn’t take much notice. Then I saw more tweets, got some invites from friends, and decided to see what all the fuss over this pinterest site was about. Upon further investigation I have to say, I think I love pinterest.

I used to keep folders on my desktop, and folders of links in email, of photos from the web that I enjoyed. Pinterest is like this, but keeps photos all on easy to categorize boards. Better yet it includes links to the source websites for the images. This is great for two reasons: you can go back to the site and purchase a product, or you can ask permission and correctly attribute a photograph that you’d like to use in, say, a blog post. One thing photographers are always worried about is watermarks being cropped out and their images becoming “orphan works” and not attributed to them. This is why, as a photographer, I love pinterest! Pin away! It’s much better than stealing photos from my website and putting them in a file on your desktop! And, all I can say is, where was this when I was planning my wedding? I would have loved to have a site like this to keep all of the photos of hair, cakes, dresses, flowers etc! Also, perhaps this is a touch self important, but I get quite a thrill seeing photos I’ve taken pinned by others! Hence, my board, “photos I’ve taken.” Thanks for deeming my photos pin-worthy my pinterest peeps!


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