@missmollybell’s Creative Habit Podcast

by katiering

I have a fun new discovery to share, the Creative Habit Podcast — I’m so glad that I found it! It’s so inspiring to listen to other people who live creatively. People like Molly and Daya, even though they are living creative lifestyles in a completely different fields than myself, inspire me. Creative people draw energy from one another whether or not they are within the same discipline. In graduate school I was often inspired by painters, video artists, sculpture artists etc even though my own medium of photography is different. Everyone’s creativity feeds into mine and energizes me. The idea of saying to yourself “What am I going do that’s my creative habit today?” is a good practice. I actively think; what can I do that is uniquely creative for me and not for anything or anyone else? One of my new creative habits is a tea blog delectable.

I enjoy social media and I enjoy photography and blogs are a place where I can do both. My new tea blog is a great way to connect with my good friend Abby, to share my enjoyment of tea, to write, and share photography. Although that is just one example of my creatives habits, living creatively inside and outside of my career is important to me. I’ve been inspired by this podcast and wanted to share it, especially with my friends who are creators and have unique artistic jobs. For anyone who doesn’t have a creative job, I hope you enjoy the podcast too! I encourage everyone to listen and to think: what is my creative outlet? What do you have  in your life that is uniquely for you and feeds your creativity? It’s such an important idea! I get inspiration from Molly and Daya through their podcast. I’m enjoying it immensely and I hope to share that enjoyment with you! Now — go be creative!


One Comment to “@missmollybell’s Creative Habit Podcast”

  1. Oh my!!! We’re so flattered and tickled by your attention…

    Having a podcast has been a dream for a while and it’s more fun (and therapeutic) than I even suspected it would be.

    You’re very generous to reach out to us and spread the word!!!

    Thank you thank you thank you…

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