Day 6 of 30 day yoga challenge

by katiering

Today is day 6 of my 30 day yoga challenge.

The morning of day 4 I did a short but challenging yoga video.

This video was a flow similar to many vinyassa classes I’ve taken moving from downward dog into warrior poses and back. It is only about 10 minutes but she offers a lot of optional modifications to make it harder so you could do this video many times and continue to push yourself.

When the video was over I moved to the mat and added some poses including: cat/cow, spinal twists, modified pigeon, bridge, plow sequence and ended with savasana.

And last night I built my own evening yoga with the ‘Pocket Yoga’ app $2.99:

This app was pretty good. I wish the voice didn’t sound so computer generated, but I do like that you can do this anywhere, even without an internet connection, and that you can make your own custom sequences. On the apple website a reviewer mentions that Yoga Builder is also a great yoga app. I’ll have to try it.

Now I just need to find time today to practice yoga…



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